Dates Are Easy, The Right Woman Isn’t

Dates and sex were easy to come by; the right woman to spend your life with wasn’t. He laughed without humor. Other women wanted him for his money, yet Mindi refused to accept his gifts. Perhaps because if she really needed more money, she could earn it. But at a price. She’d lose time with Ben. And to her, time with Ben was more valuable. And for that, he was thankful.

He stood, walked to the sink, and picked up his toothbrush. She needed to let him take charge. He hoped he’d made that clear tonight. And he needed to get her to drop her guard and be open to his overtures.

He finished brushing his teeth and set his toothbrush on the marble countertop, then briskly rubbed his jaws in frustration.

His feet sank into the plush carpet as he strode to the bed, dropped his pants, and climbed in, then pulled the covers to his waist, laced his fingers behind his neck, and let his elbows fall to the mattress as a hint of a smile played on his lips. Good thing he enjoyed a good challenge.

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About Faye Lynn

Barefoot and Breathless is a contemporary romance, chick-lit, women's fiction novel about a single mother looking for love, dealing with her son's growing independence, overcoming a past abusive relationship, trying to stay true to her morals, and teaching in a public at-risk school. It's a light, fun read with a writing style of Rachel Gibson meets Janet Evanovich. Like the heroine in Barefoot and Breathless, I'm a teacher, yogi, and single mother. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I look forward to reading your comments. Carpe Diem, Faye Lynn
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